Professional tooth whitening is an effective and simple method to obtain a whiter and brighter smile. The colour of your teeth can become darker due to the aging process and an accumulation of unsightly surface stains. Tooth whitening is the most common dental cosmetic procedure in the world and generally provides the most benefits as part of a smile makeover plan.

Whitening your teeth is inexpensive, quick and safe. You’ll have the option of lightening your upper, lower or both the lower and upper teeth. You may want to consider whitening both the upper and the lower sets if your lower teeth show when you smile and talk.

You’ll be provided with customized bleach splints that you can take home and wear daily to see maximum results. A bleaching agent is poured into the splints and removes even the toughest stains on your enamel. The treatment is continued until the desired brightness is reached and then you can use the splints for occasional treatments afterwards to maintain your smile.


Here is a list of benefits of tooth whitening:
1. Removes yellow and brown stains on teeth
2. Restores brightness
3. Can be used on patients of any age
4. Is a cost-effective whitening option

At your first visit we will make an impression of your mouth in order to create a customized mouth guard that positions your teeth against the bleach. It’s recommended that the mouth guard be used nightly for approximately 3 to 4 hours at a time for one to two weeks.

We provide high-grade professional teeth whitening products that are not available at your local pharmacy. The mouth guard that is made for you at our office is customized to prevent any leakage of the whitening agent and provides much better results. You’ll see and feel the difference that professional whitening can make and you’ll be able to smile again with full confidence.

There is no other treatment that can act as a substitute for professional whitening. Patients with lightly stained teeth may see some results from the pharmacy brands but they really can’t help anyone with intrinsic or severe staining. Many of these whitening products that are available to the general public can harm the teeth and gums and are not recommended for people that have tooth sensitivities. As well, most of the over-the-counter whiteners will only make the teeth 1 to 2 shades brighter.

In severe cases bleaching may not be recommended and porcelain veneers or crowns may be a better option. As well, a teeth whitening treatment can only be performed on natural teeth so if you have any veneers, crowns or bridges please tell us and we’ll let you know what your other options are.


The Zoom Teeth Whitening system can provide immediate results for people that are looking for whiter teeth instantly. You have the option of using this process in the dental chair or whitening your teeth at home over the course of a few nights while you’re sleeping. Experience the difference that this proprietary technology can make with results that are stunning.

Using the in-office system provides results that are on average 8 shades whiter while the take-home method offers results that are on average 6 shades whiter. If you decide to whiten your teeth at home your teeth may get even lighter with more applications. Use the system on the weekend and experience a brand-new smile by Monday.


Teeth can become discoloured for a number of reasons including the aging process and staining due to tobacco, tea, and coffee consumption. There are also certain antibiotics such as tetracycline that can cause tooth discolouration when teeth are first forming and excessive fluoride can also yellow the teeth.


Most people will be able to enjoy the benefits of tooth whitening but in some cases it may not be the best option. When you schedule an appointment with us we will perform an oral exam to make sure that you’d be a good candidate for this type of whitening and we’ll provide a shade assessment at the same time.


According to clinical studies, tooth whitening is considered safe when performed under the supervision of your dentist. Zoom, however, should not be performed on children 12 or under or on women that are lactating or pregnant.


After your whitening you can expect long lasting results by simply following simple post-care instructions. Regular flossing and brushing will help maintain a whiter smile while touch-ups can be performed with take-home Zoom gel. This product is distributed at our office and can be used for occasional touch-ups as required.


The over-the-counter products that you can purchase take weeks or even months to visibly make your teeth 2 – 3 times whiter. Zoom, on the other hand, provides faster and more noticeable results with just one office visit or one weekend at home. The Zoom in-office system just takes one hour, which includes the preparation, the procedure and a fluoride treatment.

If you are currently dissatisfied with your smile due to dull, discoloured teeth, the ZOOM system may be your best whitening option. Schedule an appointment today for a consultation to get started on the road to whiter teeth.

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